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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 20, 2013 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. it is 4:25 on this february 20th, 2013. i felt that wind. you could see mother nature bouncing that wind around like a basketball. >> i heard it.
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>> i felt it. >> i'm sarah simmons yoofnlt i'm wisdom martin. let's get a quick check of the weather and all the wind and cold weather. tucker barnes, good morning. -- i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> a very wintry day today. a lot of sunshine though. it will never feel much better than the 20s and low 30s around here later this afternoon. one or two features here. we have a few clouds moving through and a few streamers. a few lake effect snow showers making it down into parts of the viewing area here. out towards hagerstown and frederick, we had a snow shower earlier and it is possible that a few more of these could kind of kick up here over the next hour or two. it is possible there kind pop- up snow shower or two
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particularly north and west. mount airy reporting a quick burst of snow as well. so that is the only thing we have to worry about today. the wind are going to pick up. the cold temperatures are here to stay. the highs only in the upper 30s. be ready for a cold winter day. our wind will be blowing at about 30 miles per hour out of the west today. much more coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. another teenager killed in prince george's county. this time in a double shooting in the 3700 block of donell drive in forestville. the 18-year-old that died is the second suitland high school student killed in two days. police do not think this is connected to the deadly shooting of a 15-year-old in hillcrest heights on monday. oscar pistorius is back in a south africa courtroom. he will find out today if he will be freed on bail after being charged with the premeditated murder of his girlfriend. today, prosecutors will elaborate their version of what happened that night saying a fight between the two led to the shooting. pistorius said he shot her by mistake in fear of an intruder in his house. today is the deadline for disgraced cyclist lance armstrong to decide whether he
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wants to cooperate with the u.s. antidoping agency. the organization banned him from racing for lies following his open finding and armstrong's admission that you used performance enhancing drug. meantime, it is reported that hired someone to look into the federal investigation into. the firm was hired in july 2010 and investigated the fda agent for three months. the group cut ties after no significant evidence was found. a big honor for bryce harper. the outfielder is featured on the cover of the new sports illustrated issue. it is his second time getting the si spotlight. the first came back in 2009 when he was just 16 years old and touted as baseball's next big thing. i think he lived up to that. >> he delivered. >> the issue hits shelves next wednesday. >> last season, harper hit the second most home runs ever for
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a teenager. scott smith has more from spring training. >> reporter: bryce hatcher said he spent the off season just hanging at home with the family. it also included an appearance on jimmy kimmel and winning the phenom of the year award. >> at a young ache, i told myself, i want to be the first round pick or number one pick. you want to win the rookie of the year. i want to win the world series at a young age and i i think that was just a blessing. >> reporter: still only 20rbgs bryce still has time to grow, gaining advice beyond his years thanks for a manager that is five decades older. >> davie is hilarious. he will be in the cage and it is funny to hear his one liners. >> he is a little bit different than most. he is a student of the game. he studied mist more so than
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most. >> reporter: those that know him best no sometimes he does act his age. >> he has his moments. he is still a kid. that's fine. he needs to experience that and enjoy his childhood, i guess. he is probably right at the end of that. but at the same time, he is a ball player and he is really driven. he wants to be good. and that is great. >> reporter: harper may be young but he is still a team first guy and that ultimate goal is still well within reach. a world series, and it may just happen this year. >> funny they say he acts like a kid or 20-year-old. i would love to hear those stories. >> i wanted some inside scoop on that. >> we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. arts now.
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good morning to you. wake up. rise and shine. it is cold outside again. live look over washington, d.c. on this wednesday, february 20th. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. you can hear that wind sort of howling around some of the buildings. >> it has been with us all day today. that the big story. winds are going to be blowing 25, 35, out to the west, 40 miles per hour today. no advisories but enough month make it feel really cold. >> already there. >> reagan national, 36 degrees. 33 at dulles and bwi marshall. you factor in the winds and the wind chills and it feels more like 20s out there at the moment. our high temperatures hater today, upper 30s to about 40. that will be it. so much colder temperatures. yesterday afternoon, we got in
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the mid-40s. there is a look at your satellite-radar. i want to mention again, we are get eggcupful lake effect snow showers that are sneaking down into parts of the area north and west of town. not expecting anything accumulating and most of today will feature just bright sunshine. it should be a nice-looking day. if you ten outdoors, you will feel the wind. it will be howling here at times. a little cold this afternoon with highs in the mid- to upper 30s. time now to say good morning to julie wright. she has our first look at traffic. >> off to a pretty good start so far. no issues reported along the top stretch of the beltway but in virginia, southbound along i- 95, this is where we have the hitch in our get along. the car went over the guard rail and flipped over. that is what v-d.o.t. is responding to right now. northbound, your lanes are open. no issues to report leaving woodbridge and continuing
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across the occoquan headed back out towards newington. overnight construction cleared from the southeast-southwest freeway. no issues reported across the 14th street bridge. southbound 270, nice and quiet now heaving hyattstown continuing out towards clarksburg. east capital treat, all lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. prince george's county police are investigating a late night shooting that left one man dead. this happened just before 11:00 last night. police say a 30-year-old map was shot and killed in the 3600 block of branch avenue in temple hills. the suspect who police say was high on pcp at the time has been taken into custody. so far, no word on a motive. another teenage are killed in prince george's county. this time in a double shooting in the 3700 block of donell drive in forestville. the 18-year-old that died is
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the second suitland high school student killed in as many days. the other 18-year-old is in critical condition. at this point, police do not think this is connected to the deadly shooting of a 15-year- old in hillcrest heights on monday. prince george's county school officials say they've had enough of the violence. county executive rushern baker will join us today on fox 5 morning news at 8:00 to talk about the shooting and where things going from here. police in virginia say the woman killed in an apartment fire on monday was pregnant. family members shared a photo of 38-year-old jennifer lynn pearson. her family says her baby, a boy, was due in june. they also say she was stabbed before the fire began. neighbors called 911 after smelling smoke coming from the second floor of the apartment on water side view drive in reston. firefighters forced their way inside and found pearson. no arrests have been made in her death so far. another big story we are following, the new secretary of
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state speaks later on this morning. john kerry will deliver his first foreign policy speech at the university of virginia. now, he is about to make his first trip overseas this weekend. at 11:00 this morning, kerry will talk about the importance of a robust u.s. diplomacy when he addresses students and faculty at charlottesville. president obama will sit down with john kerry later this afternoon. ternoon. these cuts are not smart, they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment rolls. >> in his state of the union address, president obama himself admitted that these cuts were a really bad idea. what the president failed to
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mention was that the sequester was his idea. >> the sequester was the president's idea but it was meant for force congress to act because the cuts would be so objectionable to everyone on both sides of the aisle. former congressman jesse jackson, jr. and his wife are expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges in d.c. the couple is accused of spending more than $507,000 in campaign cash to buy personal luxury items like watches, furs and furniture. jackson resigned from the house of representatives last november. sandy jackson could get up to three years. a possible change to d.c. traffic lights. how it could affect your commute. >> a huge gas explosion rocks an upscale kansas city shopping district. this morning, cadaver dog on the scene. we have an update coming up next. 
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back now with a developing story out of missouri. fire crews worked through night at the scene of a gas explosion that sparked a massive fire in a kansas city restaurant. cadaver dogs also spent hours searching through the rub toll make sure no one is buried underneath. so far, no reports of deaths. but the blast did injure more than a dozen people. the cause remains under investigation. however, a city official earlier said it was believed to have been caused accidentally by a utility contractor. in california, a violent rampage left four people dead in southern california. police say 20-year-old aly. said killed a woman at his home and sped away in his car. an hour later police say i killed two more people in carjackings and took his own life. lawyers for the man convicted of killing washington intern chandra levy plan for file a motion no a new trial.
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ingmar guandique's attorneys claimprosecution was predicated on a lie. arguments were made during previously closed hearings. records from those hearings were unsealed yesterday. the case hinge on the testimony of a jail house inmate who said guandique confessed to killing levy. he is serving a 60 year prison sentence for levy's murder. a scare in the air for 125 airline passengers. this delta jetliner found itself in trouble after a landing mishap in georgia t got stuck in the grass on the runway last night when the pilot apparently overcorrect as the plane was touching down t landed safely and fortunately no one was injured. coming up, as the district continues to cash in on speed cameras, city lawmakers are now consideration new change to traffic lights that will bring in even more money. >> let's check in with tucker. >> we got winds, lots and lots of winds today. we've got cold temperatures as well. i'll have the details on a rather sunny forecast otherwise. and julie wright has a look at the traffic. we'll do it right after the
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welcome back. the jewels made famous by liz taylor are now on display in beverly hills. ooh, i want that. it is believed some of these gems were worn by taylor while
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filming cleopatra in 1963. it includes a 7.4carat emerald given to taylor by richard burton. >> i'd look good in that. >> i know you would. >> the green is so pretty. i'm ma'aming the earrings. >> i'm he only kidding. >> you would look good in that. >> no, i hope not. we have very windy conditions and cold conditions. we'll just move on. >> that's fine. >> we are expecting a lot of sunshine today so a quiet day. have had a couple of reports of a few flurries north and west. wouldn't surprise you though with temperatures in the low 30s. temperatures dipping below freezing again and it will be -- the kids going to the bus stop, make sure they are ready for a cold day. we will stay on the brisk side. 32 in manassas. 31 in martinsburg. highs later today, low to mid- 30s if you are north and west. might get close to 40 if you are in southern maryland, down
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in south central virginia. here are your winds that will with us all today. 20 in annapolis. 30 out in the mountains. i don't have the wind chill map for you right now but wind chill values right now in the 20s. wing we'll remain in the 20s for much of the day. not a perfectly sunny day. we do have some clouds out there at the moment. some of this white you see, that is some of that light snow shower activity being pushed off the great lakes. most of that action will stay to the north up into southern pennsylvania. you have a better chance of seeing that. for the rest of us, might be a few flurries. should be sunny and bright although temperatures about 10 degrees or so below average. down towards texas, that is the makings of our next system. that will get in here friday and could bring us a period of light wintry mix early friday. potentially could be a little icing friday morning. hopefully, that will transition to rain by friday night. 38, mostly sunny skies. cold and windy today. check out your winds gusting to 30 and your actual temperature
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only 38. that will be a combination for a acold day. 26 tonight, a few clouds and cold. and there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. today and tomorrow, sunshine, a little warm are tomorrow with a little less wind. it will still be breezy tomorrow. friday and saturday don't look great. could be a up with theory mix around here saturday morning. it does look like we'll get up near 50 by early next week. we have slightly warmer temperatures on the way. that is weather. let's do some traffic. >> that is the makings, coming out of texas. >> is that the makings. >> i think down there, it's called the fixings. >> okay. let's talk food. >> never too early to talk food. starting eastbound on 66 coming in from manassas, light traffic volume for join you as you work your way from the rest area head eastbound towards fair oaks. southbound on i-95, we had the crash south of the prince
4:47 am
william parkway. one car flipped over the guard rail unfortunately. northbound, the lanes are open. no issues reported as you guys continue in both the hov lanes and the main line continuing across the occoquan. traffic volume still light and flowing at speed continuing out of newington north of the fairfax county parkway onto 395. no no problems to report across the 14th street bridge. traffic flowing freely each way at the wilson bridge. you will find yourself at speed southbound along 270 coming in from hyattstown. all lanes are open on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. >> thank you. a disturbing new study from the roadways. traffic deaths in the u.s. surged last year. there were about 36,000 deadly crashes last year. that is up from the nearly 35,000 in 2011. it is the first time in seven years traffic deaths have gone up. officials believe the improving economy and mild winters could be why more people are driving. first, it was the speed
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camera fines. seems like we have every day a story about that. now, d.c. lawmakers are taking a closer look at another traffic issue. >> that's right. city council members are examining the length of yellow lights at intersections. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> reporter: behind the wheel, it is a choice you have to make often, go through the yellow or hit the brakes to avoid the red. it is primarily about safety. but when there is a camera, it is also about money. >> you just want to make sure that people are getting a fair shake. >> reporter: it was this report from a steve station in st. louis that got councilmember vincent original thinking, are some yellow lights shorter than others? this fox station in tampa also did a yellow light investigation. >> it was amazing. never thought about it but when i saw this report that you can play with the time of the yellow lights and it will increase the revenue. >> reporter: orange proposed legislation on tuesday to set a standard for yellow lights. even though d.c.'s department
4:49 am
of transportation already has one. four seconds is the minimum yellow light time before a red. other factors might make it longer. >> it is a four second minimum per signal light intersection that. number right there is based on a number of factors. for instance, it is based on the size of the intersection and based on the posted speed limits. >> reporter: councilmember orange brought up this intersection in northeast, 18th and south dakota. he said he is certain the yellow light is shorter here. >> it is like two seconds. >> let's put it to the test. it wasn't two seconds. this yellow ran four seconds, what d-d.o.t. says it should. we checked out several other yellow lights in d.c. here at south dakota and bladensburg where there is a speed camera, the yellow passed the test again at four seconds. >> there is a system in place to ensure that traffic is indeed able to move safely. >> reporter: still, orange thinks it is time to take a closer look just to be sure especially at intersections where the yellow changing to
4:50 am
red can cost motorists money. >> it is supposed to be about safety, not a cash cow. >> matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> the department of transportation tells us they do go out and inspect the yellow lights across the city to make sure they are at least four seconds. and they say red light cameras do not change how they time the yellow lights. still ahead, a new commercial starring rg iii is turning a lot of heads. saw this yesterday. i was pretty surprised by it. we'll tell you why when we come back. >> a lot of finger pointing this morning too. the white house is on damage control in the wake of hacking allegations against china. time now is 4:50. we'll be right back. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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montgomery county executive
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ike leggett will deliver his state county address tonight at the silver springs civic building in silver spring. it is open to the public. the speech will all air on county cable montgomery. and over in fairfax county, the state of the county will be at 6:00 tonight at the fairfax county government center in fairfax. the address will mostly focus on several development projects including tysons corner. china is deaning a report by a virginia company that the chinese army is responsible for stealing massive amounts of u.s. government data and corporate trade secrets. >> the virginia firm specifically names this plain building near shanghai that is home for a chinese cyberespionage unit a division of the peep's liberation army. the chinese hackers are not only getting business information. they are also hacking pentagon contractors. >> when they hit the defense industrial base, they steal documents, word documents,
4:54 am
power point documents, power point documents. when they hit the private sector blue chip american companies, we see more target threats against the e-mail. >> the democratic chair of the senate intelligence committee said, quote, this is a sobering public report. it clearly demonstrates the need to pass cybersecurity legislation as soon as possible. >> still ahead, the return of the wizards. >> that's right. plus, why rg iii took to twitter to defend his new commercial featuring the redskin star quarterback, coming up next.  every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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the wizards and bradley beal of the game. before the game, beal received an award as the eastern conference rookie of the month for the second time. when he had a game high 25 points, washington couldn't refer from early turnovers and
4:57 am
missed shopts. the wizards fall to the raptors 96-88. a couple of star players with the redskins are rolling up their sleeves with military personnel to help students and adults tackle their financial futures. london fletcher and alfred morris will be playing financial football this morning. the video game incorporates lessons taught through practical money skills for life which is a free money management program. there is also a classroom curriculum so that is some good news there. giving some back to the community teaching about money. so that is good. robert griffin iii has a new commercial and it is raising some eyebrows following an injury during the playoffs. >> yes, there is discussion this morning over adidas' new campaign ad, all in for week one. that is what it is called. it has some asking why the apparel company would imply that rg iii is ready for week
4:58 am
one. >> the blow-up last season. every win, every loss. very los every headline. blow it all up. l up. because all that matter is what you do next. >> i see why people were like oh, boy, here we go. but here is the thing. rg iii took to twitter to calm the masses after that whole thing by saying, quote, feel like i need to say this. although my goal is to start week one, that doesn't mean i will compromise my career to do so. i don't know. you saw him during the game. injured it once and went back out. i saw someone reply to that tweet saying too late. >> it's too late? here is another thing. that was adidas and their
4:59 am
marketing interstatesy. that is what they do. they put it out that. it doesn't mean anything. -- and that are marketing strategy. >> rg iii is not going to be ready so we are talking about it and talking about the adidas commercial. >> it is marketing and getting themselves out there. it is all one big strategy. gets people all fired up. because who knows? >> we don't know and he doesn't know at this point either. >> let's talk about the strategy here on the basketball court. >> i saw this yesterday. gentleman "point guard is getting a lot of attention. sure, he has skill but he is also only in fifth grade. julian newman plays for a private school in florida. he is only 4' 5" and he weighs all of 70 pounds. julian has helped the high school team to and 18-5 record so far but some opponents have forfeited rather thanly against the team. >> what? >> can you believe that? >> i don't get it. >> by the way, on top of that, he is a straight a student


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